Knit Terry

Flat on one side and loops on the other side results in a soft and thirsty knit terry fabric. Our knit terry is 7 oz per square yard (60/62 width). This fabric is made in the USA and is 75% cotton and 25% polyester. Great for cover-ups, loungewear and other knit terry products.

Although we have made every attempt to accurately display our colors, different browsers and the tilt of your computer screen may alter the color presentation. We will be pleased to send you samples of our woven terry velour. Email us at or call 704-266-0326 and let us know the colors you wish to sample.

Our rolls are approximately 50 yards in length and 60/62 wide. Minimum order is 1 roll (approximately 50 linear yards) per color. Our competitive pricing structure provides quantity discounts up to 10% (2% for first 100 linear yards and 1% additional discount for each additional 50 linear yards in total order--maximum 10% discount). Click on the color(s) for which you have interest for our current pricing. Our prices vary by color and are subject to change, without notice, due to changing market conditions. Prices shown are for a linear yard and for a 50 yard roll.

At check-out, adjust the yardage, for each color you select, to the amount you wish to order (50 yard increments). Enter your total yardage (also in 50 yard increments) in the coupon code box to determine your approximate discount. If your order is over 500 yards, enter 500 in the coupon code box. Whether you place your order on-line, email or by phone (704-266-0326), we will contact you regarding availability, the actual quantity we will prepare for shipping, and cost, net of qualifying discount. We will request your shipping preference at that time.

For the convenience of our customers, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. Payment may also be made by wire transfer or business check.

Knit Terry - White
$4.75, 50/$237.50
Knit Terry - Light Blue
$5.25, 50/$262.50
Knit Terry - Light Pink
$5.25, 50/$262.50
Knit Terry - Aqua
$5.25, 50/$262.50
Knit Terry - Peach
$5.25, 50/$262.50
Knit Terry - Coral
$5.75, 50/$287.50
Knit Terry - Lavender
$5.75, 50/$287.50